Thank you Garrett!

Garrett Pearson completed his Eagle Scout project and kicked off a outdoor project for the museum on Saturday.  He removed the grass that had covered some of the rail leading to our rail repair building and added rock between the rails.

Garrett Pearson
Garrett stands with his father in front of the completed project.
Finished Project
You can see how the rails split off to go to the repair building. This was covered by grass and dirt. In some places it was over 6 inches deep.
Pile of removed grass
That is a lot of grass to remove

The finished project looks fantastic, but it has much more than aesthetic value.  Over the years, grass and dirt have slowly covered up some of the railway in the old depot.  Preserving the rails that are original to the depot is an important part of keeping the history of the Tooele Valley Railway alive.  We plan to continue to pull away grass and fill in the old rails to keep them above ground so visitors can see and follow the tracks.