What are the green train cars?

The green train cars are World War II era Air Force rail cars.  They were painted blue when donated to the museum and painted green not long after they arrived.

How did we get them?

They were donated to us by the Tooele Army Depot in the early 1980s

How were they used?

One of the cars is a dining car, and the kitchen and cold storage are still in place.

The other car was outfitted as a medical car.  You can still visit the red cross station.  Later in its life, someone remodeled the car,  and it was used as a lounge car.  If you look up at the ceiling you can tell where AV components were installed.

While at the museum they have been used for storage and to host an adult model train club from Salt Lake.  Today, we use these cars to show off our military collection and as a space to host events and activities.