Central School, Tooele Valley Museum Collection

Directly north of the library is the building that housed Central School, the local elementary school.  The first Central School building was constructed in 1893.  In 1929, a new building costing $300,000 replaced it. The school was three stories and had ramps that bridged the different levels.

In 1994, Central School closed to the sadness of many in Tooele.  There was vigorous debate in the city about what to do with the school building.  So many people had nostalgic memories connected to the building, and it is an interesting building. People wondered what to do with the space.   Should it be knocked down and the property sold?  Should it be reused?  Should it be updated to be used as a school?  Ultimately, it was converted to condominiums by a private developer. 

The issues Tooelans faced with the Central School building are common across America as cities and buildings age.  Should we preserve all older buildings and reuse them?  Should we just keep building new construction?  What impact does preserving these old buildings have on a community?  What are your thoughts?

Tooele Valley Museum Collection