Engine 11 at the Tooele Valley Museum

Built in 1908, the railway carried ore and passengers to and from the smelter and the Union Pacific/Western Pacific Junction.  Less than 7 miles, the track began at the smelter went down into the valley to the golf course.  Then, it cut through the neighborhood between the golf course and the railway depot.  After leaving the depot, the tracks went down Vine Street to the Union Pacific Junction.  The train went through the middle of downtown Tooele several times a day.

The purpose of the railway was primarily for hauling freight and workers between the Union Pacific junction, Tooele Depot, and the smelter.  The depot at the Union Pacific Junction was called the Warner Depot, and it was torn down.  Check out the bonus stops to learn more about it.

The brick building inside the depot complex is the administrative building.  Tooele Valley Railway Company (TVRwy) staff kept records of the rolling stock used and how much freight was on the train that are still stored in the building.  The rolling stock was mostly stored at the smelter.  The TVRwy provided passenger service when it first started operating, but it was never a huge part of the operation though and was discontinued after WWII.  The train stopped running in the late 1970s after helping with the dismantling of the International Smelter & Refining Company.

South of the depot is Engine 11.  This big black steam engine is the last of the four steam engines the railway used.  Near the engine are the cabooses and the snowplow that were also used when the railroad operated.  You can still walk along the original track throughout the park.

The house on the corner was home to the section foreman and his family.  Several families lived in the house until the museum took it over.  The first was John Warner, who helped build the railroad.  Head over to the Tooele Valley Museum website to learn more about him.

Engineers and Railway Workers Posing with Engine 11, Tooele Valley Museum Collection
Caboose, Tooele Valley Museum Collection
Coal Loader, Tooele Valley Museum Collection
Dropping Workers off at the Smelter, Tooele Valley Museum Collection
Tooele Depot Sanborn Fire Insurance Map 1910, Library of Congress Digital Collection