Tooele Army Depot ca. 1963, Utah State Historical Society Digital Collection

Veterans Memorial Park is on the southwest corner of Main and Vine.  Tooele County has a long, prestigious history of hosting military institutions.  Closest to Tooele City is the Tooele Army Depot that was built during WWII as an Ordnance Depot.  Decades later towards the end of the Cold War, it was the location for a chemical weapons dismantling program.  If you are in Tooele on a Wednesday afternoon at 4 pm, you can still hear the emergency warning system test every week.  Further from town, the Dugway Proving Ground is a weapons testing site.  If you care to take a bit of a road trip, you can head out to Historic Wendover Airbase where bomber groups trained in WWII.  It is the most intact WWII airbase in existence in the United States.  It is also where the Enola Gay flight team trained before their journey to Japan to drop the first atomic bomb in August 1945.

Military presence in Tooele Valley goes back further than WWII.  Before Brigham Young declared that Salt Lake Valley was where his group of migrants would stop, the U.S. Army explored the area.  In fact, it soldiers first mined in the Oquirrh Mountains.

This memorial is here to remember those who served and sacrificed for the United States of America.  Take a few minutes to reflect and relax in this beautiful, serene space.

Display of Weapons at the Tooele Ordnance Sub-Depot ca 1940s, Utah State History Society Digital Collection
Tooele Army Depot, Tooele Valley Museum Collection