Boxcar – Carries freight in crates or pallets. Some are refrigerated and carry fruit and vegetables.

Passenger Car – Carries people.

Autorack – Carries finished vehicles, such as trucks, cars, and SUVs.

Centerbeam – Carries bundled goods, such as lumber, fence posts, and other building supplies.

Covered Hopper – Carries free-flowing freight, such as wheat, soda ash, rice, and sand.

Open Hopper – Carries free-flowing freight which doesn’t need to be protected from weather, such as coal, coke, ores and gravel.

Gondola – Carries heavy, bulky items, such as scrap metal, steel, copper, iron, coal and ore.

Flat Car – Carries pipe, rail, steel plate, tractors, tanks, and logs.

Tank Car – Carries liquids such as, chemicals, corn syrup, ethanol, molasses, water, oil, gas and diesel fuel.

Caboose – Rear end car housing crew quarters and offices. Rarely seen past the 1980’s due to computerization replacing some train roles.

Rotary Snowplow – Mechanical snow removal machine used in regions with heavy winters.

Maintenance vehicles – Various unique specialty railroad cars that are used in the repair and construction or railroad tracks.