If you don’t have a train set at home, you can make one.

What can you learn?

Colors, counting, and train cars

How to build it:

1          Print the templates for the cars you want to build.

2          Color the cars.

3          Cut out the train car along the exterior solid line.

4          Cut along the dotted line.

5          Fold along the solid vertical lines.

6          Use tape or glue to assemble the cars.

7          Attach the cars together using glue dots or string.

How does it work?

Count the number of cars you add to your train

Look around your house or yard and find some freight

Load and unload the freight counting out each piece each time

Practice counting to 100

Practice counting in a different language

You can also teach concepts like half by splitting freight from one car into two cars.

Practice your even and odd numbers by counting in 2s or 3s.